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New Years Resolutions


I love new year. I know there’s a huge population of people who don’t take them serious and believe that you shouldn’t wait for January the 1st to make a change, but for me and many others I’m sure, the idea of a “fresh start” is the right motivation to make any type of changes or plans and stick to them.

Last year I kept my resolutions minimal because I’d been having a pretty rough time and I knew that if I didn’t stick to them I’d just feel even worse about my self, but I think I managed to hit them all very well…

  1. To become more independent. Well, in June I got my first real job that is well paid and has left me with a very healthy bank balance and a group of new friends, and a confidence that I can talk to/ work with new people and take care of my self. Passing my driving test in September, owning a car and paying for everything myself has also been a major aspect of this year and is one of the things I’m most grateful for.
  2. To remove “toxic” relationships. At the beginning of last year I was still in contact with my ex-step dad and I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, I just missed him. Over the year I have learned to realise when a person is taking advantage and when they are genuine, which is something I have struggled with for a long time because I basically am a people pleaser. If someone needs a hand with something I will offer it even if it doesn’t benefit me at all or means me going out of my way, but people will take advantage of you and see you as a push over. I stopped talking to my step dad and have cut ties with old friends who only talk to me now for lifts around or whatever, which has saved me a small fortune in petrol as well… two birds one stone.
  3. Get my self-esteem back. Speaks for itself, I was in a complete rut this time last year. Not making an effort to go out and enjoy myself,hating my appearance and my personality.Its fair to say I’ve nailed this one on the head. I still have bad days, but going out is something I enjoy now and overall my opinion of myself is x10 better than it was.

So just to sum up my resolutions for this year…

  1. Travel to a new place. Already have plans for this one! Am off to Iceland in March with my Geography class. Paid for my ticket myself, which was only possible thanks to my job at Iceland (the irony). I also have 3 weeks work experience in June at Gweek in Cornwall which I’m so excited for.
  2. Go to more concerts. Have plans for this one too! Have a weekend planned in February for my boyfriend*** and I for my 18th birthday to see the script at the LG and then we are staying in the Hilton hotel, its going to be very odd as we aren’t a sophisticated couple in the slightest, we think a meal in Nando’s is high class haha. I’m determined to see One Republic as well when they next tour.
  3. Keep track of my bank account. Isn’t it customary to have a boring practical resolution? I never keep m my receipts or check anything in my account which is tres stupide.
  4. Don’t have a complete breakdown over A levels. Probably the most important, I always put way too much pressure on myself and it never ends positively, this year I’m going to work hard and do my best, but not kill myself over exams.
  5. Get back to my creative side. Since sixth form work, revision and trying to fit in any form of social life has made doing anything creative impossible. I used to write believe it or not, when I was about 13 my favourite hobby was writing and I wrote a novel about a girl called Lacey Jones and I got very into it and was genuinely quite sad when I had finished and even began a sequel. So I think it might be nice to give that another go, as well as get back to drawing (and blog more!)

So yeah, 2015 appears to be a pretty good year if all go’s to plan!

*** little catch up with the boyfriend situation, we decided we’d give it another go on Christmas Eve. I’m not going to lie and say I am delighted yet (purely based on how I was being treated in the run up to our breakup), but I do know that I love the bones of that boy, and we have gotten through a lot worse so we can do this no problemo…