S’pose I better get all of the boring shit out of the way first… My name is AbiIMG_2234 and I live in the well known hell hole that is Redditch, England. I am studying Biology, Geography and Business studies at A level with the hope of becoming a Marine Biologist or Zoologist or, who the hell knows? I live with my Mum and brother in our lovely semi that we fought so hard to keep, but that’s going into blog post territory (look out for that one its a gooden’) I have a wonderful boyfriend who has had the pleasure of being with me for over 2 years now.

So that’s all the normal stuff, what about the weird and uncomfortable stuff about me that everyone is probably more interested in?

Well for one I am a recovering anorexic, still struggling with the thoughts that come with the illness. But less about that depresso crap, despite all the hell I have been put through these past few years, I am full of hope for the future. I want to see the world, swim in every ocean, save a species and name it after my self, earn a lot, have beautiful children and be happy.

I have started this blog because I have a lot of controversial thoughts about life that I have to get out, I also think its nice to just post about life because well, people are nosey. So feel free to read about my life, my experiences, my achievements, my problems,  my recipes and my opinions. There’s a lot of them.

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