Monthly Archives: August 2016

Well this is awkward..


I always feel so guilty for not blogging for years at a time, but then I remember that I’m literally doing it to get out my emotions and share my thoughts, what do I care if I have 0 or 100,000 readers? If you are one of the select few that actually do enjoy reading my tragic tales then I am so sorry. Its been one hell of a year, and I suddenly have felt this upwelling of emotion that I just need to get out, so I’m going to write and write and write until I feel clean in a sense and ready to start the new academic year. Its going to be long, sad, happy,poetic, dull, exciting but definetely refreshing. I have noticed that my previous posts about my life have been very “moany”, which has made me so happy actually as I don’t think I could do that now. Although the past year has been equally as tragic as some of my worst, it has also been one of the best and I truly do have a new outlook and attitude. SO GET READY GUYS AND GALS AND POTENTIALLY NO ONE BECAUSE THERE’S A SHIT TONNE OF EMOTION COMING YOUR WAY.

To be continued…