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25 things you definitely didn’t know about me


Haven’t posted anything in about two weeks, having major PC problemos, but hopefully I’ve sorted it for now so I’ll be back posting once a week. Have so much I want to write about but first I thought I should say thank you to al of my wonderful followers, it’s so weird that so many people enjoy reading about my wired life. So I thought I’d give you all an opportunity to learn some more strange quirks about me, enjoy!

  1. I have a phobia of knives. I don’t know, maybe its just sharp things or a trust thing but if anyone is holding a knife I need to be at least 10ft away or I will go ninja on your ass.
  2. I love my hair being played with. The best feeling in the world is when Brad brushes my hair omg heaven.
  3. The worst feeling is anyone holding my wrists or ankles, literally makes me feel sick to my stomach and I don’t understand why.
  4. I could live off bananas. And nutella. I swear that stuff is made by gods.
  5. I love working and being busy. My idea of hell is having a day on the sofa and if I do I get very restless and end up going on really long runs.
  6. Earning money and having a happy bank balance makes me very happy and that worries me a lot. I don’t think it makes me shallow, I just think I like the security of saving money and I rarely spend anything on myself. Like honestly, I’ve had the same school trousers for 3 years…
  7. I hate alcohol, but love being drunk. If you ever see me drinking you’ll see me hold my nose because the taste is enough to make me sick. My hangovers are brutal and usually involve me over  bucket for the entire day, regardless of how much I drank the night before.
  8. My hair colour is very important to me. Its naturally very dark but I feel like dark hair makes my face look fat, probably doesn’t but my body image is very warped so I don’t know. I really like it blonde but it grows so fast and my roots are horrendous after one week and its an absolute ball ache.
  9. My hands are abnormally small.
  10. I have 8 or more cups of tea a day.
  11. I am in love with Laura Prepon and I don’t care who knows.
  12. My favourite place in the world is in the red sea. I just love how the only thing you can hear is your own breathe and the bubbles coming from the gas tank and its like another world under there.
  13. Id love to run a little boutique shop down in Cornwall or a little bakery and that’s something that’s definitely on my bucket list.
  14. I get on better with boys than I do with girls.
  15. I got my wrist tattoo done in Egypt, I plan on getting a small tattoo from every amazing country I travel to.
  16.  I hate the show man vs food. I love Adam Richman but its such a criminal waste of food.
  17. I’m a complete nerd when it comes to the planet, nature and animals. I love nothing more than snuggling up on a Sunday afternoon with a whale documentary.
  18. Monkeys and apes freak me out, they are just too human but without speech and that’s creepy.
  19. I’ve had well over 30 pets in my life, the most exotic being a bearded dragon called Elvis. She was awesome.
  20. I was offered a job as a tattoo artist but turned it down because of my A levels.
  21. My immune system is non existent and I have sine form of cold or illness every couple of weeks.
  22. My sexuality confuses me a lot.
  23. My hair and nails grow weirdly fast.
  24. I really want to have kids in the future but am worried that I wont like them because other kids annoy me. I already have a list of names made up (Savanah, Olivia or Kiara for a girl, and Oscar or Sebastian for a boy).
  25. I don’t let people know the real Abi until they really get to know me and I feel 100 percent confident around them, i’m literally  a freak I should probably be in a home somewhere.

That was actually really hard to do so I challenge anyone to do it too. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me!